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S2 cricket- Strika Exim Private Limited is one of the leading cricket net manufacturers & exporters in India. We are committed to giving you the best quality cricket netting. Our Cricket net is used in schools, universities, Cricket academies, stadiums, and other Government authorities all over India and abroad. We are offering both a standard size cricket net as well as a customized cricket net solution as per your sizes and specifications at the factory cost. We are using the best quality raw material to provide you high-quality green nylon cricket Nets. We are using the latest technologically advanced machines to making the best quality cricket net.

Our cricket nets are UV-protected which provides a safeguard against radiation and ultraviolet rays which cause color fading problems and hence weaker the cricket nets. S2 cricket nets are weatherproof so that it has a long life. We do not compromise on quality. Although, our Cricket Net price is very low & economical. you can buy cricket nets online in India, Nepal, Uae, Bhutan, Srilanka, and anywhere in the world at S2 Cricket.

No matter whether the cricket net requirement is small or big, for us our every client is important and our dedicated sales team is eager to serve you and helps you to find the best cricket netting solution for you. Get in touch with our team to know more about our indoor cricket net, cricket net for the academy. 

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Find here Best Custom sizes Cricket Netting Solution 

2 MM Nylon Cricket Net

Rolls / Custom Sizes Available as Per Your Requirments

2.5 MM Nylon Cricket Net

Rolls / Custom Sizes Available as Per Your Requirments

3 MM Nylon Cricket Net

Rolls / Custom Sizes Available as Per Your Requirments

we strive to delever the best

We are making high quality, durable Cricket Nets with combining the latest technology and years of our experience. so that we can deliver you the best cricket net solution. Checkout how we make world-class, Custom sizes Cricket Nets  

UV Protected Nets

Our Cricket Nets are UV Stabilized. UV protection helps to prevent degradation of Nets by ultraviolet rays and prevent color fade of Cricket Nets.

Water Proof

We are apply water proofing coating to our cricket nets. Due to this the color of nets does not torn and hence provide long life to cricket Nets.

Net Interlocking Border

We are making Nets border with a heavy duty nylon rope. It provide additional strength to Nets. Hence ultimetly increase the life of Nets.

Wind Proof

Our Nets are knitting with latest technology. That provides strong knotting. In heavy wind Nets have better stability.

Better Knot Stability

Our cricket Nets are making with highest standard quality control which ultimately provide best strong, durable products.

ISO Certified Nets

We are a ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company. We have a automated net making process which gives you best quality netting solution.

Checkout our Cricket Net Systems

Checkout our Netting solution used by many cricket academies, clubs, schools for setup their cricket Practice Areas. 

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Get Custom sizes cricket nets as per your requirments

Get Custom Sizes Cricket Nets directly from Manufacturer. We can provide you our Pro Quality Cricket Netting Solutions for your Cricket Academies, Schools, Your Cricket Practice area etc

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